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“I wish I was there now”

Review by Tom099 from South Australia
Oct 12, 2010
Rated 5 out of 5 -

We stayed for 6 nights in early October 2010. Upon arrival our room was upgraded to a Grand Deluxe Lagoon room (the ones with pool access) which I highly recommend. The pool access is not direct to the main pool but a kind of moat around the main pool which you can follow around. We found this great for morning/night dips and only once ventured to the main pool to have a bit more of a free swim.

The breakfasts provided were great and we usually stuffed ourselves enough to not worry about lunc Read more...h. Eating at the hotel restaurant at other times is a little expensive in comparison to local restaurants but the food was very good.

The resort also boasts a dining/bar area on the beach called 'The Beach Club' where we spent most sunsets and enjoyed a free cocktail between 6 - 7pm. The cocktails are double the price (230thb) of everywhere else we ate at Surin beach but they were twice as big and twice as good. On friday nights they have an all you can eat BBQ which is relatively expensive (I think 1400thb) but the food was amazing.

There is a taxi rank across the road from the hotel. It costs 500thb to Patong and 700thb to the airport.

We would definitely stay here again. Collapse

“Best Bet in Phuket,..amazing service, amazing room, amazing beac”

Review by everlast180 from Montreal, Canada
Oct 11, 2010
Rated 5 out of 5 -

This Place was really nice, you could save a lot of money by staying at this place. They have Private Chairs on the you dont have to haggle with locals to rent one. They provide free internet service not only throughout the hotel but on the beach as well. They also have 3 new computers in their library which can be used free of there is a big money saving there as well. It is not really suited fro children. We had teh Lagoon room with private pool access. Dinner on the beach were great and they had frieworks every night. I have nothing bad to say about this resort. (If you're looking for night life you can take a taxi to Patong beach for 500 baht)

“Could be wonderful”

Review by Marni1973 from Singapore
Oct 08, 2010
Rated 4 out of 5 -

I have now stayed at the Twin Palms 3 times which of course means I have enjoyed it enough to book again. The setting it lovely, the food is great, the pool and beach club are good and the rooms are nice. However I do think the service could be a bit better - as they have grown in popularity (and their rates have escalated) there seems to be a bit of an attitude from some of the staff and trust me I am extremely low maintenance and apologetic if I do ask for anything. It just lacks that personal touch and having stayed at other resorts around Thailand I know what a difference that makes.

“Phuket - Not on a budget”

Review by Brisdave from Australia
Oct 07, 2010
Rated 5 out of 5 -

I stayed at Twinpalms for 7 nights in a Residence roof top pool room with my wife and 14yo daughter in late June. We have stayed at many hotels around the world and I can honestly say it is the best resort style accommodation we have stayed in.
Nothing is too much trouble and the staff are very friendly. Low season is hot but the lack of tourists more than makes up for the heat. We hired a car for 5 days and had no troubles exploring the Island and near by mainland. Surin Beach is quiet and great for families and it is only 20mins to Patong if you want to shop or hit the night spots.
If you want to spoil yourself, upgrade to a residence room. It is worth every hard earned dollar.

“better first time around”

Review by allabouttravel086 from Shanghai
Oct 03, 2010
Rated 4 out of 5 -

this was our second trip to twinpalms, and i have to say i was quite disappointed this time around. my reasons are as follows;
1. reception: for a hotel that caters to international guests it astounds me that they can not get employees with basic english skills. it gets to a point where if you have a problem, you have to give up cause it's so frustrating trying to explain, and then re-explain.
2. taxis. surin beach seems to have a mafia reign on the taxis here. the hotel uses a taxi stand Read more... that is located across the street. we tried them a few times but were not happy with them. they tried charging us extra (and believe me they already charge 3xs the price of a meter taxi) and when we tried going to a restaurant (which the driver said he knew how to go), he had to call the place 3times to get directions. we were 15min late meeting my husband's client.after that, we tried getting taxis from outside surin beach for hire. we called a couple of drivers recommended online, and were told that they were forbidden from coming to the area, otherwise they would get into big trouble by the surin drivers. one guy asked which hotel we were staying at, and when we replied 'twinpalms', he said 'woooah. i am definitely not allowed to go there!'. i think this pretty much said it all.
twinpalms bullies other drivers from coming so they can charge exorbitant prices. simply horrible.
3. drilling: we came to relax and do nothing else. three days in a row they decided to drill the deck at the pool. when i asked reception (3times) how long they will be drilling, the response was 'probably only ten minutes. and they do it in the morning bc usually no one is at the pool at this hour'. ok, it was 9am. but they didn't leave til 2pm.
4. pool chairs and umbrellas: these are the most uncomfortable chairs ever to lay out in. the backbone is made of steel, so when you lay down, you are hitting a steel bar. plus, if you want to adjust the back to go up and down. you have to manually unscrew this bolt, which takes about 3min each time. they may look good, but they def need to be replaced! and the umbrellas--moldy. yuck.
5. there are lots of babies here! we always considered this to be a couples' retreat. this time around, there were babies everywhere. not that we have anything against kids, but when you have babies crying at the pool, at breakfast, at lunch.....

i think next time we come to phuket, we will try a different place. we really came to relax, and the above experiences really put a damper on things. the place itself is simply gorgeous, but things need to be improved.

on a side note: from the airport to the hotel, it only cost 250baht using the yellow metered taxi. there also was no 100baht additional fee. if you use the 'airport taxi' (which is located right before the yellow taxis) it is 450baht and also no additional fee. Collapse

“Great Stay in a great Hotel”

Review by xcver from Frankfurt, Germany
Sep 22, 2010
Rated 5 out of 5 -

The crew at the hotel made the very best in making us as comfortable as possible. The Hotel consists of several bungaloo type buildings with 2-4 appartments. Appartments start at 55 sqm so space is abundant. All is spread around the lagoon style 50m swimming pool with attached pool bar.

The place is very clean and room cleaning is done at least 2 times a day. The included restaurants and bar are way above in prices compared to the outside, but also a different quality level entirely. The cold seafood platter was superb and by european prices still a bargain. The associated beach club is by far the most stylish on the whole beach frontline.

The gym of the hotel is well fitted and we used that quite often. The hotel offers trip on its luxury yachts of which we did a 1day trip which was a great addition to our holiday.

A stay I can only recommend and we intend to go again.

“The right hotel to enjoy & relax”

Review by Putujem from Croatia
Sep 18, 2010
Rated 5 out of 5 -

Twinpalms has everything that a 5-stars hotel should have - nice, well equipped rooms/pool/gym, great service, good location, great food and they keep it very clean.
We were upgraded, so that's also a plus.

Although Cherngtalay is very small place and Surin Beach is pretty crowded, Twinpalms Hotel has a very special spot on the beach. That was very important to us, because we don't like breathing on our neck. It is cca 200 m away from the hotel, but most of the hotels in the neighb Read more...orhood are too.
There is just one downside, well, two, to be honest but they are not directly connected to the hotel.
First, Cherngtalay does not have any nightlife, so you will have to get a cab or tuk tuk and go somewhere else (Patong).
The second thing is that taxi drivers use that fact very much and charge the drive to Patong around 350 - 400 baht (the other way around is cheaper). Besides that, it seemed to me that everybody wanted to charge us more than usual because we were staying in a 'expensive hotel'. Collapse

“Returned Again!”

Review by MARKY1973 from Sydney, Australia
Sep 13, 2010
Rated 5 out of 5 -

an HONEST view of Twin Palms Phuket! Often referred to each other and many of our friends as TPP TwinPalmsPhuket! I think we have stayed at TPP 4 or 5 times in the past 2 years. We 1st stayed in a lagoon room and loved it! stayed in a junior lagoon suite the next time (great air con and very spacious), then a garden residence (beautiful - the pictures on the hotel website say it all), last year a basic palm room and booked for this year a palm suite. Which ever room you stay in, i"m sure yo Read more...u will love it!

Some people talk about their arrival at TPP (the mocktail and flowers) let's take it back to the welcome at the airport! You can pick your TPP host in the crowd of folks, biggest smile! then cold towel and cold water!

We've arrived at TPP sometimes and we've hoped for an early check in (and I mean early!) sometimes you have to realise if you want to check in before midday then book an extra night! or leave your bags with the desk and make sure you pack a small pool or beach bag! check in schedule is 2pm..if you get disappointed before then you need to reset and remember you are in Thailand!

We've been to TPP a few times and we never fail to "check in" then have a walk around (see what's changed!) last year we noticed the gym needed some attention and before we could say it...they were redecorating. A really nice surprise was the refurb or the pool decking! a couple of hours each morning for a few days of our stay - a little inconvenience - but - stunning result!

I've read reviews of guests who say "no kids"!! We have friends with kids and to be honest they have often come to Phuket with us, but instead of staying at TPP have stayed next door at the courtyard Marriott. Twin Palms is not "Kid Unfriendly" by any means. The staff will make everyone feel welcome, however, there is not much to do in the resort to keep children occupied. Our friend's kid's love the water park/slide at the marriott 20 meters next door.

Breakfast at TPP is really good. Its not lavish, it's european, fresh and delicious! If you want a health egg white omelette they will be only too happy to oblige. Coffees of your choice - just ask!

Much much much more to always rave about this place! Collapse

“Outstanding but could be even better if they sent all the staff ”

Review by DanielleNay from Dubai
Sep 12, 2010
Rated 4 out of 5 -

The Twin Palms make a habit of upgrading people. We arrived, bleary eyed, on December 28th 2009, having flown from the UK via Dubai. So it took us a few minutes to register that we'd been bumped up from a fairly standard room near the main pool to a 2-storey garden residence with private pool (worth 4 times more if you believe the rack rates). We should have twigged when a sweet young Thai man called Phai greeted us at the airport with a big smile and the words "I am your villa host th Read week".

We would happily have lived in the double height "Residence" for the rest of our lives. The home comforts were my excuse for not going to the gym I'd been so excited about (it has yoga and other exercise classes). We had an expansive open-plan living space on the ground floor - kitchen, dining room, sitting room with plasma TV, a bathroom area with shower and loo, then the pool terrace. On the mezzanine was a gi-NOR-mous bedroom (another large flatscreen TV) and bathroom with an egg shaped bath and his & hers counters either side, then a separate shower, loo and washbasin combo (identical to downstairs). Other Residence perks include a private entranc, a Club room serving an a la carte breakfast (don't bother; slow and they brought the wrong thing) and of course the personal host/butler/concierge.

The food is divine, although the main restaurant is pricy, even by Phuket standards. I'm obsessed with poolside dining menus and the Twin Palms' is exemplary, with a lengthy selection of Thai and international bites. I became addicted to the chicken, prawn and pomelo salad and have been making it at home ever since.

The hotel's excellent Library has tons of books, glossy magazines in various languages, internet-enabled macs and a French guy to help organise your trips. The hotel owns a little hire car and a couple of speedboats. We took the little boat out on our last day for a very bumpy crossing to the islands. With a captain, obviously. Otherwise we'd have got lost. (We almost hired the car but it worked out the same price to hire a larger car from the cab shack across the street instead. They gave us a genius young driver/guide called Bam Bam!)

New Year's Eve was magical, with a buffet in the main restaurant and a big party on the beach with DJs, fireworks and wish lanterns. Understandably, they charge a compulsory supplement for this to keep guests' spend within the hotel.


Our "Residence" was amazing but if we'd paid full whack we'd have been hugely disappointed that the nicely private pool terrace, which is sheltered by high walls and tall planting (palms, bamboo etc) didn't get the sun at any hour of the day during our stay. This would not have been a problem had there been sufficient sun loungers around the pool (everybody complains about this, so I'll shut up now).

On New Year's Eve we got stuck into the aforementioned buffet. However, with beyond-dim lighting and no food labelling, this was mystery dining, with everybody poking around to determine ingredients. This is just silly. Anywhere else in the world there would be a little name badge for each dish.

Twin Palms is a very quiet and not particularly child friendly oasis and we were consequently amazed by how many people ignored this very obvious fact and brought their small noisy children along regardless. Twin Palms have now opened a second, much more family-oriented resort on the east side of the island; so the original would benefit from being designated an adults only destination.

The hotel's biggest weakness is that the staff are terribly sweet but their English is almost universally so bad that you have to repeat requests 3 times... and you still don't know what you're going to get. At one point Phai tells us that he has learned English almost entirely by engaging with guests. In Dubai, where we live, hotel operators like Jumeirah actually teach their staff English. The Twin Palms is an international hotel destination; the common language is English; all the menus are in English; the Dutch, French and Scandiwegians all speak English to the staff; therefore they need training. Especially the girls on the end of the room service line... a few examples.

1) "Can I have one Spanish omelette please?" We get a spinach omelette (even though the Spanish omelette is on the room service menu and, er, the spinach omelette is not!).

2) "Fries, no salt please". "Fries. Noodle?"

3) "Please can you bring me tea, and a cup and saucer". "Cup of sugar?" "No. A cup and saucer". This took 3 attempts and a live mime. They also brought one teabag when we were trying to make a pot.

4) "I'd like two sausages, on toast, with extra toast on the side". They verified the order 3 times and still got it wrong, bringing two lots of two (disgusting, barely cooked) sausages on toast and none on the side.

Aaargh! Sort it out, Twin Palms. Collapse

“Twin Palms Surin Beach - Nice Hotel”

Review by copperiw from Australia
Sep 10, 2010
Rated 4 out of 5 -

Nice hotel albeit a little far from Patong Beach for the night owls, 20 - 30 minutes by Cab, 500 Baht each way, approx $35 Aust. Comfortable hotel but for that added touch, book Deluxe Palm Room, you then have direct pool access. Hotel breakfast is great with plenty to choose from. Dinner menu is a little spartan but hotel also has another restaurant a five minute walk away by the beach, great to watch the sun go down from this location and the first drink for each person each day is on the house. Also in the near vicinity are other fine restaurants together with the usual array of made to measure tailor shops. Would I stay here again? most probably as it is away from the hustle and bustle.
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