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“Great hotel”

Review by ewrnnj772lr from new york city
Jan 28, 2007
Rated 4 out of 5 -

We stayed at the Twin Palms for 5 nights, if you like modern, contemporary style this is for you. The hotel is beautiful and, the staff is very helpful. They gave us a room upgrade, because we're members of the Small Luxury Hotels. We had a room with pool access right off our varanda, which I liked. It's a nice size room, flat screen tv, very comfortable bed, but there's not much privacy, because people walk very close by. The pool is big and beautiful, but we spend more at Surin Read more...beach which is 10mins away. They have a beautiful set up on the beach for guests, right in front to their new beach restaurant Catch, which you should try food there was incredible, better than Oriental Spoon.
Their spa was nice, but not incredible...We tried to use their gym early morning, but the a/c was not on, some of the lights we couldn't turn on, and there was a bad odor in the equipment. We asked someone to turn the air, but nobody bother to do it, my friend stayed because he likes to run, but I ended up swimming and never went back there. Collapse

“Nice Hotel for it's price but not amazing!”

Review by chamsurf from uk
Jan 07, 2007
Rated 3 out of 5 -

I Agree with a few other people on this forum the twin palms is a great hotel for it's money but it certainly didn't meet my expectations.I guess it is, what you are used to ,and we usually stay in nicer properties.Saying that the pros are if u don't expect too much ,then it's a great boutique hotel in the heart of Surin beach with a great restaurant/nice rooms/decent spa and nice pool area .Rooms are chic and still nice,but a wee bit small and looking i little tired.The pool Read more... lagoon rooms are nice but you have somone swimming past your room and not much privacy.I don't like having to hunt for a bed there should be plenty in a resort like this and i also like it when staff lay the towels down for you.(which didn't always happen!).It also doesn't have any poolside service which i think there should be.The staff are freindly but not that efficent and slow!Also housekeeping sometimes didn't come till quite late in the afternoon or not at all.!!!!!
On the plus the oriental spoon restaurant is a great plus!!!Food is most excellent here and we felt guilty for eating at the hotel so much .Breakfast is not bad but no freshly squeezed juices /cappachinos are chargable and so are herbal teas !!!
At first i didn't like the beach being seperate but in the end quite enjoyed the walk.Also a great new chic beach club has just opened which makes it very hip and quite Niki beach down there.
The beach is busy so don't expect a tranquil setting and although the hotel is very chilled it is not a child free zone.
If you lower your expectations slightly you will really love twin palms as it is great ,i just had expected it to be much more exclusive.Once i got into the holiday and got used to the niggly problems we did have a great time here for the money we paid.!!! It is a great hotel maybe we have just been a little spoilt,we just felt service at Oberoi Hotels in Agra.Udapuir/Jaipuir./The Chedi Oman/Cocoa Island Maldives/Datai Langkawi/Oriental Singapore/Four Seasons Langkawi are in another class to here, but then this is a lot cheaper.Some of the reviews on here could fool you into thinking it is a little better than it is. It is chic and designed well but just not exclusive!!!!!!!!!!! Collapse

“Paradise at Twin Palms”

Review by stacyandrobert from New York City
Dec 30, 2006
Rated 5 out of 5 -

My wife and I are avid travelers to destinations around the world. We are not demanding or difficult but we do believe that a hotel should have a certain asthetic and feel that coincides with our personal tastes. The Twin Palms is definitly a resort that was close to perfect. The Twin Palms is a MODERN resort...think the Delano in Miami. So if that does not suit you then stop now. The architecture is a fantastic blend of mostly modern with a bit of Thai thrown in so that you remember where you a Read The minute you see the resort you know that you are somewhere special in relation to all of the other hotels in the area. As you pull up the sloped driveway you are greeted by a large open reception area with low lying furniture in dark wood with deep white cushions, a black marble floor flanked by water on either side and a plethora of staff. You are immediately seated as the staff goes off to get your reservation. While seated they bring you a complimentary cocktail of god knows what and a bracelet made from jasmine which is so fragrant you can't stop thinking that you are in paradise. Once finished with the formalities, one of the staff members escorts you to your room while explaing the grounds. All of the rooms have a pool view. We had a Deluxe Grand room which was a second floor room. A few of the rooms on the first floor had a plunge pool in front of them.....nice but totally unecessary in my eyes as the pool is a second from each room. The room that we had was simple and beautiful. Again everything was done in dark woods with white accents. The bed faced the balcony overlooking the pool. Attached to the back of the headboard was a small ledge which acted as the desk...totally shouldn't be doing any work here anyway. Behind the desk are two closets with plenty of room for two. Also behind the bed is the entrance to the bathroom through two slated doors. Inside you are greeted with two separate sink areas, a must for a couple, and a glass shower area that looks out into a private courtyard filled with palms and fronds. You feel like you are taking a shower outside in the tree tops. Other amenities in our room were: a nice Sony TV, a DVD Player, basic cable and amazing air conditioning.

Now to the pool. Visually the pool is stunning. It is lined in palm trees with a wood deck on one side and grass on the other. There is a bar/restaurant the caters just to the pool with a small eating area that has about five tables. (I will get to the food later) There are a few drawbacks to the design however. There is not one spot at the pool that get sun all day. We were constantly moving, shifting, turning, floating and finally heading to the beach by 2pm in order to follow the sun. All form, very little function at the pool.

The food at the pool was great as was the food at the hotel restaurant, The Oriental Spoon. Service however was not. At the pool it always seemed that there were at least 4 people working with about the same amount of hotel guests but no one ever came up to you to ask if you wanted a menu, new drink, a fresh towel, etc. Once you ordered someting it came relatively quickly but if you forgot something it may take a while to get it. I blame this more on the management than the staff......the staff just don't know any better and no one seems to be orchestrating them and telling them what to do on even the most basic level. The overly friendly staff often made up for their misguidance. In the main restaurant I once counted that we had seven different people waiting on us at one dinner and we were still not able to get a new drink. I also believe this to be problem in all of Thailand not just the Twim Palms. Can you say Restaurant Management courses?

The beach was located across the street and down a brick pathway, approximately a 5 min walk. The hotel does provide a tuk tuk to take you to and from the beach if you would like but the walk is short and pleasant. NONE OF THE RESORTS ARE BEACH FRONT IN PHUKET. The hotel has just opened up a new restaurant and beach club that is beautiful. In comparison to all of the other hotels with beach access in the area, Twin Palms has once again done it the right way. Each group of lounge chairs is spaced far enough apart from one another so that your neighbors really can't bother you with their conversation or their obnoxious smoking. This is completely UNLIKE any of the other resorts whose lounge chairs are crammed in like sardines. The loungers themselves are brand new with big, comfy cushions. All of the beaches are public and you will have people coming up to you all day to buy things. Bargin away, just say "no thank you" or ignore....your choice. The hotel also provides snorkel equipment, floats and boogie boards.

The morning breakfast is also fantastic. Made to order eggs, omelets, breads, cheeses(our favorite), cereals, mimosas, fruit salads, fresh fruit, bacon, sausages, potatoes...the list goes on and on.

So my vote is GO TO TWIN PALMS. Surin beach is a perfect location in Phuket. Far enough away from the typical Thai nonesense(Patong) but close enough if you need a night to get wild. Collapse


Review by Topert from NYC
Dec 27, 2006
Rated 5 out of 5 -

What a fab place! I can almost say you can see the cool people here just like those people in NYC.
To clear my doubt, since my partner paid a very high price for this hotel, i check those places with questions and complains that previously mentioned from this website.
The library pillow is clean! However the internet is VERY slow, and not even mention they only have 3 computers in the entire hotel, i am glad most of the people spent thier time on the beach, not checking emails..
You do get an Read more... upgrade to a better room if you book from the small luxury hotel website, depends on the occupancy.
Gym has enough machines.
We thought we have breackfast included in our package, we dont, which is very strange. The breackfast is OK, not so bad, not so good.
I personally really dont think thier bar and restarants are pricey, because i think its considered normal for a 5 star resort.
The hotel gave free 15 mins massage for every guest, how sweet they are.
I beleive the manager of the hotel is a white guy, i am not sure what kinda manager he is, he is the only rude person in the hotel, i dont mean he needs to smile to us like every his hotel staff, but in comparison, what a difference.
Also, the best restarant at Surin beach is called "Mr. Crab", you will find the crowd there!
The place between Surin and Patong (very close to the beginning of Patong) is very BAD, i am sorry its so bad that i dont even rememeber the name, why bother to go to a american thai resturant all the way to phuket? very pricey, nothing exciting. Collapse

“Absolute BLISS :-)”

Review by Tickentash from Queensland, Australia
Dec 16, 2006
Rated 5 out of 5 -

We had the pleasure of staying at Twinpalms for 12 glorious nights in Nov/ December this year. It was, without a doubt, the best holiday experience we have had. This was our fourth trip to Thailand, and the first resort that we will definitely return to.

We booked through Small Luxury Hotels and were lucky enough to be given an upgrade to a Grand Deluxe Room. We were on the top floor which was perfect for us as the balcony was more private than those on the lower floor.

The room was stunni Read in its simplicity. Very zen. HUGE bathroom, huge bed and lovely daybed on the balcony. The bed was hard as a rock though...actually a rock may have been softer! I asked at reception whether anything could be done, and by that afternoon we had a "pillow top" cover on the bed which softened it significantly.

The pool area was beautiful. It was a little hard to get a sun lounger first thing in the morning (there were lots of people putting towels down on their way to breakfast and then not turning up to use the lounger until 11 or 12 which was REALLY annoying). There were lots of couples with babies when we were there - the first time we have seen young families at a resort like this.

There were a few little things about the hotel which were annoying – like the number of towels we had dropping from 4 to 2, and toiletries not being filled up or replaced daily – but overall the resort was wonderful and we could not recommend it more highly!!

The beach club was fantastic. The staff were ever helpful, and loved coming over for a chat when they weren't busy. Surin beach is the nicest we have seen in Thailand - no coral or shells to hurt your feet, and beautiful clear blue water. The Beach Club restaurant was being built while we were there (it was due to open 2nd week of December) so there was a bit of construction noise some days, but nothing too bad.

Breakfast was OK - not the best buffet we have seen, but perfectly adequate. Dinner in the Oriental Spoon was OK on one occasion, and pretty dreadful on another occasion. If you are looking for a break from Thai food there is not much choice - steak and the poolside BBQ.

There are a few good restaurants just a minute's walk from the resort:
The Terrace - nice Thai food. Happy hour cocktails for 60 Baht between 5 and 7 pm.....but the amount of alcohol in them is dubious....

We went to "Silk" (get reception to book and they will pick you up and drive you back for free) on the last night and it was the best Thai meal I have ever had. Expensive but excellent. Excellent food can be found at Mam’s restaurant on the beach – just to the left of the beach club. Look for the place with the black and red hibiscus tablecloths, and the very short, stocky female owner. They also do a killer Watermelon Juice! Avoid the Surin Bay Inn for western food – the most revolting meal we have ever had (and believe me, we have had some bad dinners!!). Great Pizzas can be found at either "Twin Brothers" which is on the beach, on the left hand side of the main path, and also at The Capri - 2 minutes walk down to the left of the hotel. You can also take these pizzas away if you feel like eating in your room...

Which brings me to room service at the was really, really limited - perhaps about 5 dishes available (they have a day menu, dinner menu and overnight menu). Don't count on having RS for more than a night or two.

Also, the hotel shop (which was really limited) had a few DVDs that you could borrow, but no music CDs – so if you like to chill out with some music, take your own. There is a great minimart 1 minute down the road from the hotel - they do laundry beautifully and so much cheaper than the hotel.

The Spa was wonderful, we had a few treatments and massages there. Also, the massages at the place to the right of the beach club (400 baht per hour) were very good – ask for the masseuse named “Be”, she is lovely.

So, overall, the resort was excellent!!!! Happy holidays :-) Collapse

“Really Small Hotel”

Review by HeidiTse from Hong Kong SAR
Dec 13, 2006
Rated 1 out of 5 -

I have spent 4 days in TP. The overall impression of this hotel is that it is really very small. The swimming pool is just right after the lobby which are surrounded by hotel rooms. The distance from swimming pool to the rooms is just about 10 steps. The paths to walk around the hotel are just steps in front/behind the rooms. Trees are too many and too tall that makes the open area and swimming pool very dark even in the day time.

I had been to Evason Hotel before and my impression of TP is t Read more...hat it trys to make it like Evason Hotel. The price of food, drink and spa are very expensive which is not reasonable for such a small hotel. It charges Baht 1,200 for a taxi from hotel to airport (about 25 minutes) while the individual taxi driver only charge Baht 600!! Very little choice of food in breakfast buffet and not tasty as well.

There's a beach of 100m from hotel. It is quite nice. Water is clear but something in the water will bite you, however you can never find out what it is. There are many dining place outside hotel which are nice & of reasonable price. Thus I had never consumed anything inside hotel except the breakfast which is included in the room rate.

The house keeping will enter your room twice to clean and refill drinks and snack. There were 2 days at around 6:00 pm I returned to my room from beach to have shower and the house keeping lady came and checked the mini-bar. My husband noticed the lady changed the drinks inside the mini-bar but he just wonder why and didn't question her. In the check-out day, they charged me for 2 bottles of Pierrie water. I rejected to pay although the amount is just about Baht 150 because I really didn't consume it (I gave Baht 20 tips to housekeeping everyday and Baht 50 to the bell boy) The cashier showed a BAD manner and threw away the bill and said rudely "nothing needs to be pay". What a five stars hotel!! Will never recommend to anyone! Collapse

“Relaxed at Twin Palms”

Review by TLMC from Canada
Dec 07, 2006
Rated 5 out of 5 -

We loved our stay at the Twin Plams and would highly recommend this hotel to almost anyone. After touring the North of Thailand (which we also loved) we were ready for the resort atmosphere of Phuket, and the island and hotel delivered!

The location is fabulous. We loved Surin beach, and after having been to some other beaches, this was our favorite because there are NO rocks or coral to hurt your feet, there is no sudden drop off. We loved the beach club - a little bit of peace on a public b Read more...each, and we loved seeing some of the local children playing on a Sunday afternoon. You are also only 20 minutes away from the bustle of Patong, or 25 minutes from the airport or many of the docks that have boats to some of the islands and sea caves (an absolute must for a day trip).

The rooms were spacious and lovely. The resort must pay attention that it does not become shabby chic, but it is not there yet - this is the only reason we would not give the hotel a flawless review... The room did have some flaws, scratches on the floor, the windows needed some cleaning, the walls needed touching up, but overall we loved the HUGE bathroom, bed, balcony and the serenity of the decor.

The pool and layout of the entire hotel was great. The food in the restaurants was delicious, the atmosphere was also wonderful in all of the common areas.

We booked a Spa package, and whether you are or are not a Spa lover (I love them, my husband was less sure), the Twin Spa will either reinforce the wonderful benefits of a spa, or will change your mind if you are not a full believer. I have gone to several spas in my life, and we went to TONS in Thailand, but this was my favourite - spotless, inviting, and the treatments are amazing!

Some tips (but I also beleive you get what you pay for, and these tips are free - so take them for what they are worth)...
The spa package was amazing and well worth the extra money... I would say the same about the larger rooms. The day trip to the sea caves - especially at night - was a highlight. The corner store just outside the hotel is great - has snacks, and a great (and much cheaper than the hotel) laundry service. The hotel is baby central - I found the parents wonderful however - there was rarely any excessive crying, but be prepared to see little ones, it did not bother us at all. You might see criters - lizards, bugs, remember you are in the tropics, the hotel staff will help you if you are really freaked out. Just relax and enjoy!

We will definately be returning! Collapse

“Fantastic for Honeymoon”

Review by Jayfel from NSW
Dec 07, 2006
Rated 5 out of 5 -

We have just returned from 8 nights at Twin Palms (TP) - our Honeymoon. I found TP through TripAdviser and selected it because of the ratings it had received. TP lived up to our expectations. The service was great, the hotel beautiful, our room (with steps into the lagoon pool )was fantastic. Prices within the hotel were very reasonable and there are a number of cafes/restaurants nearby (including at Surin Beach).

Most days we had no trouble getting a sun lounge by the pool or at the Beach Club on Surin Beach and the staff at both the pool bar and the beach club were really friendly.

A great place to stay if you want to be away from the crowds of Patong Beach, yet only a short taxi ride away to go for shopping etc!

All in all, loved it and will definitely be going back!

“Week of Bliss”

Review by TimBooth from UK
Dec 04, 2006
Rated 5 out of 5 -

We reserved through their website, my other half then spoke to the manager to ask a few questions and he was great. From this point, we had nothing but positive experiences.

I showed my SLH card at reception and we got upgraded, even though we hadn't booked through SLH.

The room was fantastic - the black laquered wood wasn't scratched or scuffed in any way, the bathroom was cleaned twice a day and we always had piles of towels. Toiletries were abundant and our own veranda with pr Read more...ivate steps into the 'lagoon' were spotless.

We were there at the end of October/beginning of Sept and the beach was deserted - I hear it gets busy, but we never saw this.

This brings me to the only negative - it is true that there are few beds by the pool and they were all 'bagged' by 0730 every day.

We took to throwing a couple of towels on some beds on the way to the gym every morning (not difficult, but not in the spirit of fairness).

Staff were polite and helpful, breakfasts were great and there are some cute little places to eat not too far away.

If I was younger, I might find it a little dull, but for a romantic week it is hard to top. Collapse

“swedish kindergarden”

Review by Thailandfreak from mallorca
Dec 03, 2006
Rated 4 out of 5 -

if you look for a chic place for top value, this is it. super-rooms
super-pool ( if you got deck-chairs). when we were there, there where about 10 sweds with their kids and this ist really not what
we expected. the staff are nice and friendly as long as you not
complain. first time in my long,long thailand-experience we saw
2 staff "losing" their face. we want to meet the hotel-manager, he
never contact us. the swedisch owner always running around
checking exact position of the towels, but better greet his guest.
location of the breakfast is a joke, sitting outside near the street,
wonder nobody complain that. presentation also not 5-star-like.
they should look how the mariott/bkk arrange that.
if you read the directory in the room, they don`t "want" kids, but
may bee al relatives of the owner ??
over all with these rates this hotel is still unbeatable on the island
and if you stay in this relaxe-place without kids it could be perfect
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