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“great price for great value”

Review by Ugabuga2006 from Germany
Nov 17, 2006
Rated 5 out of 5 -

Twinpalm is a great place to relax. the service is excellent and the people are very friendly. a bit of construction nearby, but the noise is ok.

“Perfect Little Getaway”

Review by uinversal from Malaysia
Nov 01, 2006
Rated 5 out of 5 -

This hotel is all about subtly, privacy almost like a home away from home. The beach which is a close walk of about 100m was so beautiful, such clear waters and was quite private. In fact we drove around from Surin beach down south and came to the conclusion that Surin beach was the best beach. Simply because it was not crowded and since the beach was relatively small .. very private. Which was perfect for us as we were looking forward to a holiday that was quiet and peaceful. Service was excellent as they accommodated almost every request that we had. They were very attentive but not in 'your face' type of service. From the decor to the service everything is seamless and not obtrusive nor intrusive. The restaurant does not serve good local thai nor asian fare, however there are plenty of restaurants to choose from right at your doorstep. Overall it was the perfect setting for a perfect holiday and we cant wait to go there again!

“Good but not Great”

Review by Chinagirl from Beijing, PR China
Nov 01, 2006
Rated 4 out of 5 -

We had high expectations of Twinpalms after reading all the reviews, however, we were a tad dissapointed. The hotel certainly is very chic - as described in previous posts - but even on check-in, we could see that it's getting a little "shabby-chic" around the edges. The first thing we noticed was the seats in the lobby were quite dirty could use a good 60 degree wash. After waiting around 10 minutes, we were greeted and then told that our room was not ready (granted, we arrived a Read more... little earlier than the 2 pm check in time). The hotel was full and despite the SLH membership, could not get any upgrade :-( The room itself was lovely and spacious with dark wooden floors and minimalistic style furniture and fittings. However, again, we have to say that it could do with an uplift. Amongst others, the floor was terribly scratched, the sink area stained and the shutters on the balcony broken. The walls of the room were paper thin and we could hear almost everything going on in the adjacent room, including tv and music et al. The pool area is gorgeous, but not many beds for the amount of guests - although I only saw one German couple throwing the towels on at 7.30 am in the morning.
There is a pool bar where the friendly waiters will serve you a cool Mojito or a lovely frothy latte. The pool area is lovely and quiet and a great place to read your book or have a snooze. There were quite a number of noisy children by the way, so don't expect it to be a non-children venue.The Twinpalms beach area is also very nice - but Surin beach IS busy, and if you enjoy quite, relaxing beaches, this is not one of them - but far quieter than, say, Patong Beach. There was construction work going on which also bothered us. During the time we stayed at TP, the guests were mainly German from a tour company. The food in Oriental Spoon was absolutely delicious and prices very good - and we couldn't fault the breakfast, lunch or dinner. The staff in Twinpalms are also lovely and friendly - although we found Oriental Spoon staff rather erratic on a couple of evenings. Despite all my grumblings, and despite the fact that we checked out earlier than expected, we have given Twinpalms above average rating. Twinpalms was just not for us this time. Collapse

“Absolute Bliss!”

Review by saady from Sydney
Oct 27, 2006
Rated 5 out of 5 -

Everything about our stay at Twin Palms was exceptional:
* we had arranged transfer with hotel from airport (400 baht), it was lovely with water and cool towels and a beautiful car to transport us there
* check in was smooth with extra touches and our room was ready when we arrived in the morning
* staff were beautiful, so helpful and always had smiles on their faces
* rooms were immaculate and great size ...ours was a few steps to the pool. Extra touches with chocolates on the bed each nigh Read more...t made the stay even more enjoyable
* the pool is bliss .... great for laps or just lazing around in.
* restaurant was great -breakfast wonderful
* spa facilities are superb, recommend Surin Massage

Surin Beach is a 2 min walk down a pathway ...some great beach shack restaurants and massages for $A10. The beach is lovely and you can swim in it...there is a section for Twin Palms guests.

Other restaurants in the street were good too - Capri Italian did great wood fire pizza (for something different to Thai), Surin Bay Inn was also good. We had lunch sometimes from Paulas Cafe next to Twin Palms and it was tasty!

If you want somewhere away from hustle bustle of Patong & that is more adult focused ....don't look any further ! Collapse

“Great location but not for us.”

Review by Jase_n_Polly from Melbourne
Oct 25, 2006
Rated 3 out of 5 -

Twin Palms is in a fantastic quiet location with top notch facilities including dining facilities, bar, pool bar, pool, massage spa, free internet and loads more. Unfortunately it was not for us though. We were after a little touch of elegance for our trip away but with this came a load of people that really wanted to keep to themselves by the pool all day. Not the friendly atmosphere of some of the other Phuket locations. We found that it was a battle to get a seat by the pool as early as 10 an Read more...d for the rest of the day. We found ourselves looking to move down to Patong on the second day. Arrival greeting was fantastic with a face towel and drink but service dropped off after that. It deserves it's price for facilities but everything in the facilities seems to follow the expensive trend. Our room was next to construction which started early and finished late. Understandable with the events of a couple of years ago but Surin beach was not affected. No sleep the whole time we were there. Something we found great was the red tablecloth restaurant down on Surin beach for a sunset dinner. The banana or pineapple pancakes in the morning are also fab. There is also a great bar/restaurant owned by a English guy called Terry about five doors down. Overall our, and i stress "our", opinion was not to high of this place. It is a drive from anywhere and fair enough if that is what you want.. Collapse

“TwinPalm is a jewwl on Phuket”

Review by tahoetravellers from Lake Tahoe, CA, USA
Oct 23, 2006
Rated 5 out of 5 -

I'm actually writing this review from my laptop, comfortably perched on a chaise in the lobby of the TwinPalm, thanks to thge complimentary free wireless internet access. The entire hotel is wonderful. We (me, my husband and our not-quite-eight year old) are in a Grand Deluxe room which is very spacious -- the bathroom alone is larger than most hotel rooms, with a spa tub and a separate shower with a most refreshing "rainfall" type faucet. I'm good for 2 showers a day, whethe Read more...r I need them or not. The king sized bed is extra large -- a major bonus when sharing witha child.

The staff is the epitome of Thai friendliness -- no request is a bother, from arranging a dive trip to reconfirming airline reservations.

The buffet breakfast, included in our room rate ($272 US for 3 nights, on!!!), is wonderful -- my husband and daughter are early risers and no one has complained about our showing up hungry half an hour to 45 minutes prior to teh official breakfast start time. The fresh fruits are to die for, as are the fresh from the oven croissants and soft, sticky cinnamon raisin bread; unfortunately, since we are up so early we've missed the hot portions of the breakfast menu (probably better for our waistlines -- my hubby has NO restraint when it comes to a buffet). We ate dinners outside the hotel -- casual meals on the beach for an obscenely little amount of money, and one very nice dinner at the upscale Silk on the main street -- within walking distance or a cheap 100 bhat cab ride away (in fact, on the way home, we were taken back to the hotel free of charge, a service provided by the restaurant and I'd guess if you'd made a reservation they'd pick you up too).

Surin beach is lovely, in my opinion -- unlike a previous reviewer, I did not find the beach dirty at all, and compared to Patong beach, it is downright pristine. My daughter loves playing on the rocks at either end. The water is clear and a perfect temperature, especially for someone who lives in a resort communtiy with a famous lake but who won't go in because the water is too freaking cold, even in August!! Ther eare plenty of bars and restaurants along the beach, and a few people selling souveniers, but they are not puchy at all.

If you don't like sand in your bathing suit, the pool at TwinPalm is great -- big, cool and with a bar right there. The number of lounge chairs is fewer than the number of guests, but I never had problem finding a comfortable spot to read my book while my daughter played in the pool.

While TwinPalms does not encourage children, they certainly make them welcome. there were a couple of other families with children here during our stay. All the children were well behaved -- my husband was the only "kid" who inadvertantly splashed anyone else while jumping in the pool!

I would highly recommend TwinPalm for anyone wanting the quieter side of Phuket. I would definitely stay here again and am sorry we are leaving tomorrow.

Oh, and yes, the bathrooms do smell wonderful, thanks to the soaps, shampoos and lotion the hotel provides -- I'll be tuking those in my luggage for sure!! Collapse

“What a hotel”

Review by badwaiter from Milan, Italy
Oct 21, 2006
Rated 5 out of 5 -

This hotel has it down. The service is unbeatable. I give high marks to the staff for always being on hand to answer questions offer suggestions or arrange transportation.

The pool area is beautiful and relaxing. No, waiters aren't coming around to offer you drinks but in my book that is a plus. The rooms were very nicely decorated but just a tad on the small side. In fact, my only complaint is that after a day at the beach or poolside there is a lack of space to hang towels, swimsuits e Read Finding solutions to this problem cluttered up the space in a hurry.

The restaurant is very good. We ate there one night and thought it was a real treat. It's more expensive than other options but it was worth it.

This property is located a bit north of Patong so it doesn't have crazy nightlife. (Patong is about 15-20 minutes away in a cab) That said, it is on a small strip with other hotels restaurants and markets making it very convenient to find other options. You aren't trapped at the hotel.

As for the beach, Surin beach is a little small and while beautiful it wasn't super clean or inviting. We were there at the tail end of the rainy season so the surf was rough and we didn't really swim or snorkel. I was told that is more or less the case everywhere on the west side of Phuket at that time of year and it's hardly the hotel's fault about the condition of the beach.

Lastly, the special available on the hotel website, about $80 a night when I booked make this place a can't miss. I would come back in a second. Collapse

“Perfect hotel”

Review by thai_phuket from Madrid
Oct 15, 2006
Rated 5 out of 5 -

This hotel is perfect. The hotel is beautiful, decorated in zen style. The room is fantastic, the bathroom is fabulous, the swimming pool is lovely, everything is perfect. We had dinner in the barbacue and it was also perfect.

“Wow! Complimentary Baby toileteries provided”

Review by Zara'sMama from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Oct 11, 2006
Rated 5 out of 5 -

We just came back from our trip to Phuket and spent 4nights in Twinpalms. We brought along our 2yr old daugther for the trip.

We stayed in the delux room the first night, then the grand delux the next 3 nights.

The delux room, just a wee bit smaller than the grand delux, but has a smaller toilet and it's without a bath tub, however, we have 2 sets of toiletetries. In the grand delux, we only have 1 set (one bar of soap to be shared between the shower area and sink is not sufficient, I Read more... would say).

This is not supposed to be a 'family resort' but more for couples, but I was surprised by some things they do for families with young child. I asked for a anti slip bath mat for my 2yr old and was delighted that a nice clean Winnie The Poo bath tub was sent over together with a set of complimentary baby toileteries, which included bottle cleaner and detergent. That was something I'd never seen given in other hotels, not even from 5 stars hotels.

Room was very comfortable, with lots of big pillows, and even a body pillow. For our delux room, we found the toilet is pretty dusty, I guess it came from all the fiber from the big towels.

The breakfast was buffet of good quality, but there was not much variety, and they only change 1 or 2 items they serve daily. It's 90% the same every day. It gets a bit 'boring' after the 3rd day.

We checked out at 12pm the last day and we had to wait till 5pm before we left for the hotel. We spent all our 'waiting' time in the library, where it's very comfortable, and quiet. My daugther could take a nap there, while we flipped through magazine, and sipped our tea (served by the pool bar, chargeable but reasonably priced even for a Malaysian). I could also use the toilet to change and bath my daugther, and we put some of our stuff in the locker provided so that we don't have to lug every thing around.

The free internet access in all rooms and wireless in the lobby area is also a plus point.

I had a good time in the spa too. Being 7 months pregnant, the messuer took good care of me, especially for my tired back and shoulders. I spent a good 2hrs there the 1st visit, and another 1.5hr on the 2nd. Blissful!

We had most of our lunches at the cheaper restaurants at the beach. You have to try out the fish and fried rice at the beach front restaurants. Absolutely wonderful, and very reasonably priced.

Surin beach is not suitable for swimming because the waves are pretty strong. But when it's low tide (afternoon onwards), it's quite pleasant to take a stroll on the beach.

Just like other reviewers mentioned, the toilets near the Oriental Spoon restaurant are wonderful! The place smells of very pleasant lemon grass. These are the finer touches of Twinpalms.

A wonderful stay, but I think Twinpalms can do better by providing sufficient toiletries, and keeping the bathroom less dusty. Collapse

“Loved the smell of the Bathrooms!”

Review by mafaldita from Marbella
Oct 07, 2006
Rated 4 out of 5 -

Date: April 2006
Reviewer: Trip Advisor member from Marbella, Spain
Twin Palms .. really cool and romantic place to stay! I stayed there with my boyfriend in April, we booked through and found a very good last minute deal, even though the hotel was full, it was hard to tell as you have a friendly and peaceful environment and was not at all crowded.
I hope that the hotel does not change and get too comercialised.
Our first time to Thailand, the staff were very helpful, the Delux Read more...e Palm rooms are a good size and have a really cool bathroom with an open plan look.
The lagoon type pool is the best, stretching all around the apartments, surrounded with amazing gardens filled with white and pink orchids you really feel like you are in the tropics.
The beach is not very far away although the restaurants along there could be improved, there is no lighting to walk down to the beach restaurants at night either, the resort has great potential.
Only downfall of the Twin Palms Hotel was the selection and display of the breakfast.
One of my good memories of the Hotel (may sound weird) but was the smell inside the public toilets ... Heaven! a Lemon grass smell that will always remind us of our first trip to Thailand.
Twin Palms a Hotel that I truly recommend, but try not to tell too many people :0) Collapse
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